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Dust Cleaning Gloves™ - 10/20 Pack

Dust Cleaning Gloves™ - 10/20 Pack

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Looking for a duster that will clean your home and also protect your hands? Look no further than the Dust Cleaning Gloves! Made with fine dust capture and strong water absorption in mind, these gloves will leave your home dust-free. They're also multipurpose, so you can use them on glass, windows, kitchenware, floors, and more. Plus, their soft material protects both your hands and surfaces from moisture and dirt. And when you're done cleaning, simply wash the gloves and reuse them again and again. Stop using harmful chemicals to clean your home and switch to the Dust Cleaning Gloves today!


Specifications :Package size: 23 x 20 x 2cmMaterial: bamboo fiber, non-woven fabricShelf life: 3 years

What's Included:10 or 20 Pieces of Dust Cleaning Gloves™

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